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  1. 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟ ('s status on Sunday, 09-Apr-2017 18:19:09 UTC 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟ 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟
    @nepfag @bksmgglr did you click the source link?

    the idea is to sell shares of federation infrastructure to users (see the link). i think this could be expanded to selling shares of other federation-connected web services.

    i'm looking for feedback on share prices and what kind of services people might be interested in.