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  1. 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟ ('s status on Saturday, 15-Apr-2017 20:43:58 UTC 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟ 災̷̡̆害̎̐͊の̴ͩ̅̔̏女̢ͭ̋͑ͨͤ͝王̡̂̔͆̾͘͟
    @u2764 users ought to have all of the power.

    one thing i'm hoping to improve with !bbnet is lowering the barrier for running a federation node. all of our tools are AGPL (or will be once they exist), so anyone with the right skills can set up their own system.