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    The Cuban myth. No, it's not an example of socialism working. No, it's not because of any embargo. Since Obama, you can even import Cuban cugars to the US now.

    > The Castro regime dilapidated subsidies from the Soviet Union between 1960 and 1990 equivalent to five Marshall plans, and yet it failed to improve its economic growth or take advantage of these huge transfers to improve productivity. Between 1960 and 1990, Cuba received more than $65 billion from the Soviet Union, not to mention the money it received from other socialist countries.

    > Cuba even benefited from a subsidy from the Venezuelan regime—which itself receives billions from China—that covered 70 percent of the country’s consumption. It also receives hundreds of millions from international organizations.

    > Despite this, the Nationmaster ranking, which compares the average salary for countries around the world, ranks Cuba last (176th place) in the world, with an average salary of $25.05 per month in 2014.
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    1. Do Not Forget Cuba
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