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  1. Hallå Kitteh ('s status on Sunday, 28-Jan-2018 02:44:24 UTC Hallå Kitteh Hallå Kitteh
    @infernalturtle @mmn OStatus has two layers, the feed (RSS/Atom) and the real-time push updates from the feed (WebSub née PubSubHubbub), but ActivityPub (just like collapses the layers and has you do AP-specific things to register your inbox endpoint to the outbox endpoint.

    There is a feed, the outbox endpoint, but it's not RSS or Atom, it's an .

    There's nothing stopping some AP node from advertising on its outbox endpoints that they're valid WebSub topics (using rel=hub and rel=self Link headers), and delivering, as its Content Distribution Notification, a partial Collection, stripped of the entries the subscriber already received, but that's an ad-hoc combination of the standards, it's not specified or standardized. There is no subscriber implemented today that would be able to consume it.