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  1. Hallå Kitteh ('s status on Wednesday, 31-Jan-2018 12:35:01 UTC Hallå Kitteh Hallå Kitteh
    > 25 years ago I got a job at a computer bookstore. We were allowed to borrow and read the books; so I read through all the language books, especially those with animals on the covers.

    > 10 years ago I had a little language of my own printing hello world.

    > Tonight this arrived:

    > Well this little tweet blew up. Lemme expand: I made a prototype, then my employer threw millions of dollars at it and hired dozens of researchers and programmers (and tireless interns, hi!) and a giant community of thousands of volunteers showed up and _then_ the book arrived.

    > (After Jim and Jason wrote it and like a dozen people reviewed it and a dozen others edited it and an army of managers coordinated it and PLEASE DESIST IN THINKING THINGS ARE MADE BY SINGLE PEOPLE IT IS A VERY UNHEALTHY MYTH)

    > I love that this journey started with "borrowing" books; so fitting.