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  1. Hallå Kitteh ('s status on Thursday, 08-Feb-2018 05:45:30 UTC Hallå Kitteh Hallå Kitteh
    @ajordan @feld @gargron

    One thing that I want to see more of in the future is what e.g. # is doing:

    Find the things that depend on your thing -- in their case every single crate published -- and treat them all as integration tests for your API.

    # and # make this easier. I just discovered the brilliant # tool, where you can do `nox-review wip` on e.g. a bumped dependency and build and test every dependee.

    Imagine if every project did this before releasing their point release! (and at the same time imagine that the dependees have decent tests, of course, otherwise you're just detecting whether you broke API signatures, and that's trivial to do without looking at any code except your own)