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  1. Hallå Kitteh ('s status on Wednesday, 04-Apr-2018 17:28:53 UTC Hallå Kitteh Hallå Kitteh
    @pettter @rysiek @herrabre @bjoern

    > An e-mail _server_, OStatus _server_, XMPP _server_ etc. need to be available _all the time_, or near enough to make no difference.

    That is only true because of how the protocols work.

    # is designed to handle intermittent connections and drop points. There is no global blockchain. There is an issue of how much to replicate and how much to miss out on, and pubs are doing maybe a bit too much work, but those things are being worked on as well, improving granularity along various axes.

    For IM, sure, if you want to send offline messages your peers need to be online at the same time at some point, but for people you usually have synchronous conversations with, this isn't a big issue.