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  1. Hallå Kitteh ('s status on Monday, 14-May-2018 10:58:02 UTC Hallå Kitteh Hallå Kitteh
    In the bag next to the HP 2530p was the bag with the Dell Latitude E4300[0] that I just got from a relative during Christmas 2016. I installed NixOS on it and then didn't have time to do much more, so I left it with my parents. Now I fired it up again. Firefox had an interrupted session to revive.

    A dump of my brain state (my open tabs) just after Christmas 2016:

    [0] Just like the HP 2530p, it's a Core 2 Duo 2.x GHz, fantastic keyboard, 1280x800 screen, tiny but not quite as light, 80 GB HDD instead of 128 GB. I don't see the power cord anywhere, but miraculously the HP cord fits and nothing was incinerated, although BIOS said I was using a weird unknown cord and battery probably wouldn't charge. Both of the machines are (years!) older than the cheapest-possible Lenovo with an AMD E1 we bought in 2012, and both feel snappier. Ok, you "Moore is dead" people. You may have the facts on your side, but now my gut agrees with you as well.

    I need to find more of these machines and keep them in store because OMG THE KEYBOARDS. Wonderful to type on and none of they keys are in stupid places!!!11! Home/End/Insert/Delete top right, Esc top left, Ctrl bottom left with Fn to its right, and arrow keys in WASD formation bottom right, with PgUp/PgDown on either side of Up. How are everyone getting this wrong these days?? The resistance on this Dell keyboard is a little bit stronger than on the HP, and it has that perfect Amiga 1000-like response. It's a dream.